About Us


A company formed in California by Peruvian immigrants. Our names are Martin, Guillermo and David Barrenechea, we have a history of more than 2 generations dedicated to holding events.

It all started with the businessman David Llano Jara, our grandfather, who brought renowned events to Peru such as The Filipino Ballet, The Zarzuela Anthology with Pedro La Virgen, The African Dance Ballet, The Classical Ballet of Cuba with Alicia Alonso, The Beriozka Russian Ballet and many others.

Our company has more than 16 years of experience in the music industry and we work with the latin market through impressive multicultural events such as festival production, concerts, theater plays and more.

Throughout our years of work, we have produced the shows of great artists such as: Fito Páez, Víctor Manuel, Gilberto Santa Rosa, La Quinta Estación, Jorge Gonzáles (former leader of the Prisoners) Vilma Palma, Don Omar, Molotov, El Gran Combo, Grupo Niche, Jarabe de Palo, Los Pericos de Argentina, Jorge Ben Jor, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Eva Ayllón, Fonseca, Enanitos Verdes and other renowned artists.


These are some of the tours that we have produced and that we are going to produce in the coming months with more than 9 cities per show in the USA:


Gian marco

(2017 y 2019)


(2019 - 2021)

Daniel Darcourt

(gira ASU Mare - 2016)

Carlos Alcántara

(2017 - 2019 y 2021)

Rosario Flores – España


Grupo 5


Marta Sánchez – España


Pablo Milanés


Jorge Drexler